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What to Expect - Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect When Working With A Pro

1.   R-E-S-P-E-C-T

This is an important day for you! And you don’t want anyone taking away from the sanctity of your wedding. We will be on our best behavior & avoid burping, drooling, talking on our cells or stuffing our pockets with favors. Well maybe not the last one…

2.   Covert Ops

We will capture the moments of the day big and small without being obtrusive. We are more like ninjas! We are experts at blending into the surroundings & with the guests while knowing exactly where to be for the money shots.

3.   Appropriate Attire

Although Ray would love to wear his jorts (jean shorts) and Tracie in her overalls…we will never allow that to happen! Our shooters will arrive fresh, clean and dressed professionally.

4.   We Were Supposed to Make a Left…Right?

We don’t ever want to cut it close with our arrival. We like to provide a “cushion” of time for us to set up and get familiar with the location well before the main event i.e. the ceremony begins!

5.   Rolling With the Homies

We get to know your other wedding day vendors. Even if it’s as simple as making a call to say “What’s up, we’re the people with the cameras…”, it makes the day run smooth as silk. And in most cases we already know the other vendors from working with them previously and love being one big team on your wedding day!

6.   Tango with the Photographer

We are some gooood looking people however you are not going to want a million wedding pictures with us and our equipment in the background and vice versa with the video and photographer. We get a game plan together with the photographer before the wedding to ensure we are both able to film all the fabulous moments.

7.   Ask Before We Peace Out

You can trust that we won’t just pack our bags and leave (even though we are ninjas!) Sometimes the celebration keeps going and you want us to be there until the party stops! We ask either you, one of the moms or the event planner if there is anything else we should film before leaving.


8.   We Take Our Sweet Time To Do It Right

You want to watch your custom film immediately and relive the feeling of the day! We completely understand…however we are creative artists. Our editors go through every single bit of footage, slave over songs, and torment over different camera angles. We want to give you the best film possible and pinky promise to get it back to you within 3-6 months. It will be worth the wait! 

What We Expect From Awesome Brides & Grooms Such As Yourselves

1.   Your Video is Made to Order

We want to give you the most rockin’ video possible and we need your help! Our wedding questionnaire asks details about the day/timeline/details so that we are prepped and ready for GAME TIME! Your questionnaire is also our road map while editing your wedding film. Any mistakes we make on the film (try not to laugh) will be taken care of with the quickness. However any editing requests not included on the questionnaire will be subject to a re-editing fee so be detailed! Please return it to us in a timely manner.

2.   Music…PLEASE NOTE:

Unfortunately due to copyright laws and history of lawsuits against Videographers using copyrighted music for films placed online, we can’t use any requested copyrighted songs. We do however have access to a music library to some online sites such as Song Freedom, The Music Bed, and a few others that we can select. 

3.   It’s Going to be Fun on a Bun

Everyone has to get use to being comfortable around a camera so don’t worry! Just be your usual goofy self and enjoy the ride. We are there to preserve all your amazing wedding day moments just as they are!  

4.   Want to follow us on Social Media?

To keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings by liking the RLV Productions LLC Wedding Videography Facebook page! You can also check out our latest news as a Facebook fan, on our blog or by following us on Twitter as well as Instagram.

5.   On the Road Again

If your wedding is outside of the Oklahoma City or Purcell city limits or better yet in a lavish exotic destination location there are travel fees that apply. We aren’t going to book a room at the Hilton or go out for steaks every night. We just need a roof over our heads, gas in the cars and food in our bellies. Check out your wedding agreement for the specific details.

6.   Rants & Raves

If you love your wedding video please tell your friends, family, bowling league, and US! The only way we can get even better than we are now is by hearing your thoughts and feelings about your wedding film. Please be gentle…


7.   We Have Bills To Pay

Let’s not make this awkward…money. Your final balance needs to be received one week prior to the wedding unless alternative terms have been worked out beforehand. The last thing we want to discuss the week of your union is payment so please resolve this ahead of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it normally it take for a Wedding Video to be ready after our Wedding?

    While we want to get the wedding video to you as quickly as possible, we also want to take delicate care in producing the wedding video. Our Wedding Services Agreement says to allow approximately 6 months for the wedding video to be completed especially if your wedding is filmed in the peak months of April through August.

  • Do you provide Drone Services?

    RLV Productions, LLC will soon provide Drone services. Please check back later when an announcement has been made.

  • What is the best way to get in touch with you?

    We would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out via our contact form or just reach give us a call. We will generally try to get back to you in less than 24 hours.

  • Where are you located?

    We are proudly located in Purcell, Oklahoma which is about 30 minutes south of the Oklahoma City Metro.

  • When are you available?

    We are available by appointment. Contact us by email or use the handy Contact form by clicking on the "Get In Touch" Button to arrange to meet or a call. We also can be reached on our Facebook page via Messenger!

  • I have a popular song I hear on the radio. I want to use it in my wedding video. Can I use it?

    Unfortunately, No. Due to Copyright laws, we are unable to use copyrighted music in our final edits that will be posted online. Many videographers have been sued or have been given a cease and desist order to have taken down an we do not want to take any chances. Sorry but no.

  • I've seen everything and I love your style and we are ready to book! What do we do next?

    First off we would say thanks! Secondly, we'd like to have a meetup with the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be at a public location whether at a favorite coffee shop, or a special place that the bride would like to meet. If a meetup is not possible, then something like a Skype meeting or equivalent will work as well! We then would go over everything that you are interested in. Go over details of the Wedding Services Agreement, What to expect from us and answer any questions that any of us may have. Please don't forget that we require a retainer to hold the wedding date. Final payment of the services is due one week before the wedding day.

  • Why is the retainer non refundable?

    The retainer is non refundable because we get inquiries about dates for weddings all of the time. For example if you book us for your wedding, and someone else contacts us the next day about the same date and you have already paid your retainer, then that person is out of luck. However if months later, you decide that you no longer want our services, all monies will be refunded except the retainer. The chances of us booking that other person after a cancellation is pretty slim. So we lose money and potential work.

  • Last year your shot my sister's wedding but your prices have changed. Can I book you for my sister's rate?

    Unfortunately No. As we continue to improve our craft, we also increase our rates. There is a lot that goes in to our rates. We don't just come in a shoot 8-10 hours and we are finished. After the wedding, we begin transferring the footage to the computer, then the edit process begins, the edit process can be as much as 100 plus hours depending on the amount of footage to go through particulary if there are more than 2 cameras, (Drone, Backup Cameras, Cards from Microphones, etc) So that process takes time. Also we have Licensing fees we pay per month, LLC fees, Insurance, Website, and a host of others.

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